Different seasons, how to select the appropriate jersey
2016-06-25 04:37:32
Mountain bike riding outdoors, summer or autumn wear long-sleeved jersey sunscreen can also have some role in the cold; winter wear composite jersey, windproof, breathable and warm effect. Competition athletes speed, endurance and skill of fierce competition, the competition is also riding high-tech equipment. Determined to obey riding style, color combinations have been carefully considered and functional fabrics selection and development is the key to the design.
From a professional perspective, roughly divided into riding jersey underwear, road cycling jersey and jacket categories. From the type can be divided into: male riding clothes, women's jersey and riding accessories. And riding accessories can be divided into riding gloves, sleeves riding, riding hat, riding shoes and riding coat. Due to personal wearing underwear riding high on the fabric comfort requirements. When the weather is cold, usually used to keep warm, breathable, good thermal insulation polyester fabric; the weather is hot, perspiration, quick-drying lightweight breathable washable fabric choice, such as professional Wei Gemi used riding clothes Italy miti high riding fabrics. The biggest feature is the emphasis on protection, personal and comfort, and added some details of the design.
Different seasons, how to select the appropriate jersey
When the weather is cold, riding coat must select perspiration, breathable, warm and good fabrics, pile fabrics usually used on the back. Elastic Lycra fabric close to the skin, reducing the friction between riding pants legs and prevent inner thigh chafing. Due to relatively large dangerous road riding, night riding clothes have reflective signs, reflective materials, reflective word is not just decoration, it is riding sports equipment indispensable "night vision to identify the" design!