Winter funds jersey customized Which is better?
2016-06-25 04:40:33
Extension meter fall and winter sports jersey custom series heavy launch, in the many years of experience in custom jersey, as well as the majority of the daily rides riding friends feedback needs introduced for autumn and winter cycling jersey series.
Winter funds jersey customized Which is better?
Version features:
Extension meter sports and leisure customized version is divided into ordinary version and the version of the professional training, compared with the figure Europeans, Asians body: shoulder relatively narrow waist section is relatively long, relatively short legs, buttocks relatively flat. According to these characteristics combined with a special form of exercise bike, sporting goods meter extension to launch professional training version is not only the most suitable for Asian wearing version of the type, but can effectively enhance the personal sense, to ensure smooth movement of the fitting to avoid ride, to reduce drag to a minimum. The casual version of the style is more emphasis on comfort daily ride takes from two to develop launch.
Winter funds jersey customized Which is better?
Fabric Features:
Top mw-sports body using warm fleece fabric, fabric soft, smooth surface, comfortable touch. Since this is the autumn and winter riding clothes, so the use of elastic fleece fabric sports fabric, fleece lining arranged fine pattern using digital sublimation transfer process, colorful, long wearing and washing without significant fading.
Winter funds jersey customized Which is better?
Riding pants features:
Use Lycra riding pants thin cashmere fabrics, high elastic fabric soft and smooth, strong stretch, wear personal comfort, warmth at the same time taking into account the strengthened breathable wicking characteristics, removal of hot discomfort.
Extension meter sports pants have a variety of special pads to choose from, according to the Asian body combined with ergonomically designed panty liners, high-density foam to create a composite, fabric feel soft and comfortable surface, surface covered with holes, breathable full. High-density foam has a better supportive in for long distance riding can provide better comfort.
Extension meter professional custom sports teams throughout the guide recommends that all design / development of other aspects of the details that you can be involved in discussions with, of course, you only need to provide the number and size of your fleet, the remaining things are handed Tinto meters sporting goods, fixed You can give the team a brilliant armor.